Why a Portable Computer?

First of all, What is a Portable Computer?

It’s definitely not a laptop. Yet, It’s not a desktop either. A portable computer is a hybrid of both and more! Portable Computers, or “lunchbox” computers as some may call them, are a niche product for users and industries which require high-performance, high-storage, expansion slots, and arguably most importantly, portability. Many industries have needs for portable computers or workstations. Industrial test and measurement, broadcast, cyber security, defense, and aerospace are just a few of the many environments who require portable computers.

Now you’re probably wondering, Why a Portable Computer?

Here are some of the main reasons why anyone would choose a portable, over say a notebook or desktop.

Processing Power!

First and foremost, the process power of a portable goes above and beyond. When considering applications requiring high performance and computing, there is just so much more power available in a portable computer. If you consider the variety of configuration options, the possibilities can be endless! Using the latest Dual Xeon processors, enormous RAM capacity (up to 1TB or more) and massive SSD drive storage space, a portable computer can be one heck of a powerhouse.

Rugged Military Computer with removable Drives

Expansion Slots!

Laptops contain a reasonable amount of power for the average consumer. For others, this is simply not enough sometimes. With a portable computer, you have the ability to configure the number of PCIe expansion slots (which we’ve learned is very important per the last blog post), and is built to contain much more processing power. Available in multiple form-factors, portable computers can be massively expandable systems with excess slots, or compact systems that support just enough expansion.

FlexPac Expansion Slots

Rugged Chassis!

Portable Computers can be available in a varying degrees of ruggedness. In contrast to lightweight notebooks, Portables are a lot more rugged and durable. Portables use an aluminum chassis and are ideal for industrial use. Do you need to meet mil-spec environmental standards? The most rugged portables have rubber bumpers, mil-spec connectors, desert sand filters, and high powered fans for extreme temperatures. 

Portable computer MilPAC C4ISR

All-in-One Setup!

Portable computers are just like their name implies. Portable! They can be set up and ready to go in minutes, available with AC & DC power supplies. Built in displays can vary from 15” up to 24”, and can come in single, doubles, and triples. These portables may also have attached full size keyboard and integrated touchpad, or nothing at all.

Portable Computer

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