100TB+ in a portable server!

120TB of SSDsPortable server for network capture

16 removable drive portable server

The most powerful portable server on the planet just got some more storage!  The NetPAC-RHD-16 is now available with 16 x 7.6TB Micron 5200 SSD‘s.

Thanks to advances in Micron’s NAND technology, SSD’s are getting bigger and faster.

Portable server for professional data capture

Often used to copy a network in real time, the NetPAC-RHD16 with 16 removable drives and the flexibility to connect to any network architecture.  A 17″ display lets you set up and monitor network activity in real time. The robust aluminum enclosure ensures reliable operation when you arrive on site.  Lockable catches allow you to prevent unauthorized access and stop interference with the server’s operation.  A dual Xeon server architecture means there is plenty of processing power.  Up to 56 cores and 1TB of RAM.

removable caddyHigh speed removable caddies

Powerful performance mobility

We know that there is often limited space in the network center.  The NetPAC-RHD-16 is narrow enough to fit between the rails of a 19″ rack – so if the only space left in the server-room is on top of a server or a router – no problem!

Cooling and expansionRobust construction protects display

If 120TB is more than you need, please contact ACME Portable and one of our experienced engineers can help specify a system for your application.

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